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Short Dance Film

Sonia works for a cubicle rental company. Her passionless job chains her to a soulless screen where she mechanically executes tasks under the trance of neon lights, lost in the shadows of corporate servitude.


When a fraudulent call triggers the void of her work station, Sonia's pent-up frustration erupts, unleashing a storm of chaos, It's the breaking point she's been waiting for.


'Fraudulations' humorously explores her descent into madness, through the endless, winding corridors of her workplace propelled by an uplifting soundtrack.

Written & directed

by Clara Lie & Caroline Grimprel

Performer @amaliasalle
Operator & voice @ninaperrin__
DOP @fabiocaldironi
Camera Assistant @jonasgayraud_dop
Chief gaffer @courts_et_longs
Gaffer @cha_nd_
Stylist @marion_tupler
MUA @melaniesergeff
Sound recorder @claralemiere
Editor @lauraparade
Color grading @laurent_ripoll_films
Composer @leoagapitos
Rental @rvzparis

Huge thanks to @guydelapalme @timsalze @loris_pernoux

Font in use : Girott

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